AGFA and Esko install Esko Kongsberg C24 finishing solution at Albion Screen Printing

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Alain Deschamp, owner of Albion Screen Printing, beside his new Esko Kongsberg C24 Digital Cutter from Agfa Canada.

A few months ago, Albion Screen Printing (Gatineau, Quebec) invested in a new Esko Kongsberg C24 Digital Cutting solution from Agfa Canada. This investment has allowed Albion to considerably increase the productivity in its finishing operations. “The added value of the Kongsberg table lies in the service and the robustness of the equipment,” said Alain Deschamp, owner of Albion Screen Printing. “The 3kW motor in the router allows us to cut materials like acrylic much faster.”

Albion specializes in a huge array of wide-format products – including banners, posters, signage, fleet graphics, window/wall decorations and displays, as well as decals, promotional products and nameplates & tags. Albion also provides a wide range of client services – from screen and digital printing, die cutting, installations, distribution packaging and more, to rapid and accurate estimating, on-time shipments and reliable installations. The company regularly helps clients by utilizing their expertise as consultants on a variety of issues – in particular to meet quality, performance, technical, durability and other related challenges.

The innovative carbon fibre traverse of 3.2 meters makes the Kongsberg C Series of digital cutters uniquely equipped for high speeds and fast acceleration. Its rigid quality makes it possible to maintain consistent cutting accuracy on all materials. It also minimizes deflection when carrying heavy tooling or creasing with high down-force. The Kongsberg C series is the only super-wide finisher with a powerful 3kW continuous-duty, high-performance milling unit. It can be configured for milling applications ranging from sporadic, light-duty routing, to lengthy jobs working with heavy-duty materials – all while boosting productivity. Its heavy-duty Tool Unit offers 500N (110 lbs.) of down-force, sufficient to crease even the most challenging materials at large-diameter creasing dimensions of 150 mm.

A complete set of advanced, quick-change tool heads provides versatility, making it easy to set up the cutting table to process any materials. The precise automatic z-control during cutting and routing, using table-top mapping, guarantees high finishing quality. A rack-and-pinion drive system provides speed, durability and the power required to drive through dense, thick materials. The Kongsberg C series can be outfitted with a wide-format roll feeder to support heavy-duty rolls of materials such as textiles and vinyls up to 3,330 mm (131”) wide.

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