APTech’s free online conference for Higher Education Marketers set for tomorrow

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The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech – Reston, Virginia) will host its inaugural EDgage Live virtual conference this Wednesday, June 3. Designed to empower marketers in higher education, the free event will bring together leading CMOs, automation and data analysts, and content specialists to offer guidance, practical tips and best practices. More information and registration for EDgage Live, scheduled to run from 11 am to 3 pm (EST) is available at http://edgagemag.com/edgagelive/.

Thayer Long.

The conference is an extension of the organization’s EDgage content platform. Comprising a quarterly magazine, monthly digital content and regional summits, it’s designed to inspire new ideas, reveal the latest marketing services, and support higher education marketing efforts. EDgage Online includes additional content to support higher education marketers and enrollment specialists, and is distributed through email and social networks, while being archived on www.EDgageMag.com. “Higher-ed marketers are in a tough spot and we’re here to help,” said Thayer Long, President of APTech. “COVID-19 has sharpened peoples’ focus on many underlying trends, accelerating the challenges of communicating brand value at a time when many potential students and parents are questioning the cost and comparative value of a college education.” EDgage Live’s line-up of keynotes, panel discussions and tactical marketing advice will include the following scheduled online Zoom sessions:

Ashley Prisant.

What Lies Ahead for Higher Ed? A discussion with Dr. Terry Flannery, Policy Fellow, Center for University Excellence at American University.

The New Normal: Choosing your Pivot Plan & the Advantages of a Comeback. Presented by Dr. Ashley Prisant, President at Square Peg Solutions.

The Evolving Language of Belief (why using the right words matters). Presented by Jon Budington, CEO of More Vang.

Real World Insights from Three Higher-Ed CMOs. A panel discussion led by Mark Potter will include Nicholas Scibetta, CMO at Stony Brook University; Chris Noah, CMO at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; and Donna McLaren, CMO at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Using Data to Light Up Your Brand. Presented by John Ingram, Principal Consultant at Ingram Market Analytics.

Tom Moe.

Getting Down to Tactics: Great Ideas on Multi-channel Marketing and Automation. Featuring a discussion with Tom Moe, CEO at Daily Printing.

EDgage is the latest program from APTech, a leading not-for-profit organization supporting the printing industry. It continues to expand its content platforms to inspire the development of new and valuable print products with an overall mission to educate, provide market research, and foster collaboration between those who create and those who make.


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