Battlefield Press to strengthen post-press capabilities with new Koenig & Bauer Omega Allpro 70 Folder Gluer

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From left are: Aleks Lajtman, Koenig & Bauer Regional Sales Manager for Canada; Battlefield Press’ Peter Aston, Executive VP; Matt Theoret, VP of Manufacturing; and Jerry Theoret, President and CEO.

To maintain its unique standing in the marketplace while handling the growing demand for high-end specialty work, Battlefield Press (Burlington, Ontario), will be installing a new Koenig & Bauer Omega Allpro 70 Folder Gluer this Summer that will provide both higher production speeds and increased output. Battlefield has had a strong, ongoing relationship with Koenig & Bauer and great success with its current Koenig & Bauer Optima 106 Die Cutter that was installed in May of 2018.

“The market remains highly competitive and customer demands are only increasing,” said Jerry Theoret, President and CEO of Battlefield Press. “We’re always looking to strengthen our strong position.” While the company currently services the commercial print and folding-carton (paper and plastic) sectors and offers a complete Fulfillment Center, it was the consistent and increased growth in its folding-carton business that ultimately resulted in this investment.

The Omega Allpro Folder Gluer

“We maintain the attitude of striving to be unique within the market, allowing us to competitively produce products that are outside of the norm,” Theoret added. “By doing so, we push our boundaries and deliver products that continue to impress and successfully achieve the needs of the customer. Packaging has been a growing part of our business and represents a larger segment than it did before. With this in mind, we decided on the Omega Allpro 70 being the best solution for Battlefield based on our current needs.” Theoret noted that the new folder gluer’s overall faster speeds (both set-up and running), will be a welcome addition to its gluing efficiencies – and the additional capacity will allow Battlefield to better schedule its mixed product range.

“Having positive experiences with our existing Optima 106 Die Cutter absolutely allowed us to understand how effectively we could be serviced by Koenig & Bauer,” Theoret pointed out. “Operating multiple pieces of equipment from one supplier inevitably increases our value as a customer to them too. The Optima itself has proven to be a fantastic addition to our organization. In the last three years, its throughput and uptime allowed us to predictably manage our costs and therefore maintain the margins we expect.” Once the new Omega arrives at its production facility, Battlefield plans to fully utilize it to handle the largest portion of the company’s paper-carton work.

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