Boston Industrial Solutions unveils Natron PP Primer for UV inkjet printers

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Natron PP Primer.

Ink manufacturing and technology company Boston Industrial Solutions (Woburn, MA) has introduced a one-component Polypropylene adhesive primer, characterizing it as “the most advanced UV inkjet primer for plastics.” Natron PP Primer (Polypropylene Adhesive Primer) is formulated for UV inkjet printing, pad printing and screen-printing applications. This primer works well on difficult-to-bond, low-surface-energy plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. It’s also ideal to use with UV, UV-LED inkjet inks, screen-printing inks, and coated offset substrates. “It’s the go-to primer for plastics, acrylics and rubber polymer substrates,” the company added. “Natron PP Primer has gone through rigorous testing to ensure perfect adhesion onto difficult-to-print rubber and plastic substrates.” The new UV inkjet, high-performance primer features:

  • Pleasant, non-offensive odour compared to other primers
  • Improved surface finish and print quality
  • Extremely fast drying time of less than 5 seconds
  • Works on a variety of substrates such as plastics, rubber, silicone, some powder-coated metals, and glass
  • Available in 8-ounce, 1-quart and 1-gallon containers

Boston Industrial Solutions makes advanced printing inks, equipment, supplies and software, and provides printing solutions to industrial, medical, toys, automotive, aerospace, apparel, consumer, and promotional companies worldwide. It’s also the global leader in silicone ink manufacturing.


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