Canon introduces Book iX book printing solution

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To simplify and streamline the book manufacturing process, Canon Solutions America has launched Book iX, characterizing it as “a highly efficient, easy-to-implement, end-to-end solution that takes the guesswork out of the transition to an automated book solution, and helps ensure a favourable economy of scale for short-run production.” The technology is aimed at book manufacturers looking to better manage inventories, reduce production costs and react quickly to market demand – all resulting in improved profitability. Canon Solutions America’s inkjet customers were first to see Book iX in action at its unveiling during the thINK Ahead 2020 live virtual conference September 2, 2020.

Canon’s new Book iX book-printing solution.

As part of the Book Smart Suite solution set, Book iX can help book manufacturers to capitalize on profitable new opportunities – including short runs, one-offs to backlists, out-of-print titles, reprints, and much more. Book iX couples Canon’s varioPrint iX-series with the C.P. Bourg Preparation Module, Perfect Binder, and Challenge Three-Knife Trimmer to help dramatically streamline the manufacturing of books – while also realizing the economies of short-run printing through the comprehensive and intuitive Conveyance workflow software from Canon. Together, Book iX combines Conveyance’s intuitive business rules, enables the batching of incoming work orders by similar job groupings, applies dynamic impositions, creates barcodes for cover and text-block authentication, routes and tracks order items to appropriate devices, and maintains the integrity and order status communication via JDF/JMF protocol.

The C.P. Bourg Preparation Module, a major component of this system, automatically divides larger printed sheets into intermediate, final-sized sheets between press and  print-finishing equipment.

Additionally, the varioPrint iX-series inkjet colour digital press combines the productivity, 1,200-dpi quality, and media versatility to help provide customers with a cost-efficient solution to produce a wide range of monochrome and full-colour short-run or long-run books. The Book iX solution can help support “unprecedented productivity for book manufacturers” who wish to add an end-to-end solution with automation to their product and service repertoire, as well as drive labour costs down and productivity up, through its ability to produce one or more books with dependability and consistency.

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