CFR launches Print Wisdom to connect industry veterans and students

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Strategic consulting firm Connecting for Results (CFR, Toronto) has launched Print Wisdom, a career mentorship program in collaboration with Ryerson University’s Tri-Mentoring Program (TMP). Working with the Toronto-based school’s Graphics Communications Management (GCM) program, Print Wisdom will provide students with the opportunity to find counsel by seasoned professionals starting today. The mentorship initiative provides third-year and fourth-year students with the opportunity to seek career advice, guidance and motivation, as well as resource and networking opportunities. The experience is designed to help guide the students and put them on the right track as they begin their careers, and specifically supports female students who are currently the majority entering the field.

Bob Dale.

“Print Wisdom is a way we can share our knowledge and give back to the community,” said Bob Dale, Chief Operating Officer at Connecting For Results. “By supporting the students, we are celebrating diversity in the industry, and helping to set the students up for their current and future success.”

Jason Lisi.

“It’s a valuable part of the student experience to connect with industry professionals,” said Jason Lisi, Chair of the School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University. “The mentorship program allows the students to continue their education outside the classroom, and prepares them to make the transition from school to the workplace.”

The mentorship program runs from today to August 31, 2021 and provides students with the opportunity to sample a variety of areas in the industry, while giving employers the opportunity to meet new talent. Students can meet with their mentors online one-on-one, or in person on an on-going basis. Alternatively, they can participate in a one-time Flash Mentoring session to get advice quickly.

Connecting for Results (CFR) is a strategic consulting organization and partner for printers and major consumers of print. CFR was founded by Gordon Griffiths and Bob Dale, who have several decades of combined experience in virtually all aspects of the print and graphic arts industry. Services include mergers and acquisitions, market-driven management strategies, executive recruitment and coaching and more.

As Canada’s only degree-granting program for print and packaging design, Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM) is a leader in its field and one of the few internationally acclaimed schools recognized for developing new talent in the graphics and print space. Ryerson University’s Tri-Mentoring Program (TMP) provides students who are equity deserving with transformational multi-stage mentoring, and a supportive community to enhance their active engagement and success while at Ryerson.

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