Domino creates video in memory of beloved customer who passed away

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From left are Andy, Tom and TJ Staib of DWS Printing located on Long Island, New York.

OEM Domino Digital Printing (Gurnee, Illinois) has created a tribute video honouring client, business partner and friend Tom Staib of DWS Printing, who passed away suddenly on October 2, 2020. Staib was a 4th-generation owner (along with his brother Andy) of DWS Printing, a label manufacturer located on Long Island in Deer Park, New York, that’s been in business since 1865. DWS Printing’s primary focus is the food & beverage sectors, with a strong additional presence in the craft beer market, where the Staibs saw an opportunity. The craft beer market is heavily into shrink-sleeve labels on beer cans and a majority of their business was trending that way. They wanted to have the option to print shrink sleeves digitally. And by adding digital printing to their arsenal, this would also allow for quick and efficient production of label jobs requiring several SKUs and versioning.

Bill Myers, Marketing Manager at Domino.

“Tom was our customer, our business partner and our friend,” said Bill Myers, Marketing Manager at Domino. “He was well known and highly regarded. You could often find him at industry events presenting to and networking with other label manufacturers, sharing information and best practices. Tom was extremely passionate about his family and his employees. He was very proud of DWS Printing’s over 150-year heritage, its exciting future, and utilizing technology to be a leader in the industry.

I received a text message from Tom last September that included a photo of the Domino press that had just arrived at the Austin facility,” Myers added. “He wrote ‘It’s getting exciting, Bill.’ We were in the process of creating a wonderful video for DWS Printing that included footage of Tom, Andy, and the DWS team at their Long Island facility. And with their expansion into Texas, we set up time-lapse cameras in Austin to show the second MPS-Domino hybrid press being installed. Tom and Andy were thrilled. And then in early October, I received the news about Tom’s death. I communicated my sincerest condolences to Andy, and I contacted the production company to stop the video project.”

The entire industry was shocked and saddened by the loss, Myers added. “Tom was so incredibly kind, humble and an all-around great person. “In February of 2021, I saw a post on LinkedIn by Andy that read, ‘Carrying the DWS torch in Austin, Texas’ with a photo of him and several DWS Printing team members at the new facility. Painted on the wall above them in large letters it read #TomStrong. I thought that was awesome. It made me smile. And it gave me the idea to create a video as a tribute to Tom..…honouring his legacy and the DWS family, with a glimpse towards the exciting future of the company. I do believe that someday we’ll revisit finishing the original video we started, but for now, this one just feels right.” A tribute video was created and sent to Andy, with the hopes that he would be ok with Domino sharing the video with the label & packaging industry, because so many people in the business knew and loved Tom. Andy wrote back a very personal note which I will treasure,” Myers recalled, “and he concluded with these words: ‘Please share the tribute video whenever you’d like and with whoever you wish.’ I couldn’t be more proud of the DWS partnership with Domino,” Myers concluded. DWS Printing was established in 1865.

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