Epson introduces its first RTR Resin signage printers

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The Epson SureColor R5070.

Epson (Los Alamitos, California) has expanded its presence in the signage market with the introduction of the Roll-To-Roll (RTR) SureColor R-Series signage printers. The 64-inch SureColor R5070 and SureColor R5070L leverage six-colour resin ink to deliver “astonishing prints on a variety of substrates with consistent, repeatable colour,” said the OEM. Ideal for print shops looking for versatility and productivity, the new printers deliver output ready for immediate lamination at true production speeds of up to 290 square feet per hour. Both printers feature 1.5-litre ink packs, while the SureColor R5070 L has 3-litre per colour bulk-ink system with hot-swap technology for uninterrupted printing. Both are scheduled to become available in January of 2021.

Matt McCausland.

“The new SureColor R-Series printers further expand Epson’s presence in the roll-to-roll wide-format signage market by offering customers industry-leading Epson printhead technology coupled with the benefits of resin ink,” said Matt McCausland, Product Manager of Professional Imaging at Epson America. “The new SureColor R5070 and SureColor R5070L use resin ink to address a true customer need – the confidence that each print, panel to panel and job to job, has repeatable, consistent colour.”

The Epson SureColor R5070L.

The SureColor R-Series printers are the first of their kind to feature multi-purpose resin ink technology to consistently deliver professional quality on wallpapers, fabrics, uncoated papers, and traditional signage at “remarkable speeds.” UltraChrome RS Resin ink delivers instant-dry scratch-resistant output, ready for immediate lamination at a lower cost per mL. Touting a new 2.6-inch user-replaceable PrecisionCore Micro TFP printhead, the new printers are able to ensure that projects with multiple panels have consistent, repeatable colour. In addition, a new Quality Print Mode separates delivery of optimizer and colour ink to create a stable base layer for high-quality output, with “crisp lines and outstanding details.” Designed to keep up with fast-paced print shops, the SureColor R5070L includes a hot-swappable ink system that automatically switches from an empty ink pack to a new ink pack mid-print for uninterrupted printing.

To further support productivity, the SureColor R5070 and SureColor R5070L incorporate a three-heater system to promote even drying with pre, platen and post heating. A 4.3-inch touchscreen control panel provides easy access to print functions – including quick start heaters, media selection, colour mode and estimated print completion time. The replaceable fabric wiper system cleans the printhead and removes dust prior to printing, meaning that manual maintenance is only needed monthly. Both printers include new Epson Edge Print workflow software featuring an Adobe PostScript 3 engine for layout and print management, colour management and seamless workflow integration. Access to the Epson Edge Dashboard also provides users with remote oversite and control of their Epson printer fleet.

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