Hazen Paper releases stunning 2021 Holographic Calendar

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Hazen Paper’s 2021 limited-edition holographic calendar uses a variety of “groundbreaking” techniques developed within its on-site Holographic Lab.

Hazen Paper Company (Holyoke, MA) has released its 2021 limited-edition holographic calendar, demonstrating a variety of “groundbreaking” techniques developed within its on-site Hazen Holographic Laboratory. Hazen Holography creates the illusion of motion and depth on this “sparkling” two-dimensional calendar by reflecting and refracting light at different angles. The calendar, Moonlight Dive, depicts a whale breaching the surface of a three-dimensional body of sloshing water, amid rising bubbles and schooling fish, against a dramatically-lit sky and shimmering moon. The calendar showcases Hazen-Lens, and utilizes a number of techniques – including random multi-angle holography for the school of fish, and two-channel lens and colour motion to illuminate and animate the rising bubbles. The inset, which reveals an anchor and compass alternately, was created as a two-channel ‘flip image.’

This oversized 18.5” x 26.5” calendar was created seamlessly because of Hazen’s Wide-format Tableau capability that permits production of materials up to 52” wide without recombine lines. The custom Hazen hologram was transfer-metallized onto a smooth, bright 12-point C2S (coated both sides) board, and printed by AM Lithography of Chicopee, MA via UV offset, with customized opaque white designed to accent and reveal the holography. Manufactured with Hazen’s environmentally friendly Envirofoil process, the new calendar is also made with renewable energy – less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate and a recycled film carrier that can be reused again and again. It’s also repulpable as paper after de-inking.

Hazen has produced holographic design and large-format original creations since 2006, and is known for the holographic stadium edition NFL Super Bowl Program and the holographic enshrinement yearbook for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Hazen Paper is the only vertically integrated producer of holographic paper and film in the United States, with a holographic lab and design studio located on-site at its Holyoke manufacturing campus. All holographic tooling, including recombination and electroforming, is done there “for maximum speed, quality and creative control.” Founded in 1925, family-owned Hazen Paper Company is a paper converter specializing in holographic origination, film coating, foil and paper lamination, metallizing, gravure printing, specialty coating and rotary embossing. The company creates specialty materials for worldwide use in retail display and POP, luxury, entertainment and media packaging, bookbinding, scratch-off lottery and other security-related tickets, tags and cards, and fine-art applications.

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