JetINX Printhead Drive and Ink Recirculation System drives new decoration printer

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The JetINX Printhead Drive and Ink Recirculation System.

INX International Ink (Schaumburg, IL) continues to help OEMs develop complete digital inkjet printing systems with its JetINX Printhead Drive and Ink Recirculation System – a cost-efficient, industrial inkjet solution for the precise control of fluid temperatures and pressures that drives multiple printheads. The latest integration was the introduction of LSINC’s Perivallo360m – the first in a series of high-resolution, contour following, direct-to-object decoration printers. LSINC is based in Huntsville, Alabama. Collaboration between the two companies led to the creation of the Perivallo360m, which allows for direct-to-object UV digital printing onto cylindrical, conical and contoured substrates for a variety of branding and marketing purposes. It’s ideal for markets such as wine and spirits, health and beauty, and specialty foods. The ability to extend the print engine to multiple colour planes as the printhead follows the contour of the media, was a deciding factor in the choice of the JetINX to power the Perivallo360m, said the companies. Configurations were offered with up to 12 colour planes.

Jim Lambert.

“We’ve been doing business with LSINC for almost two decades,” said Jim Lambert, VP and GM of the Digital Division at INX International Ink Company. “They have a passion for print design and, more importantly for us, they have a passion for customer support. Between what we offer with our print engine and JetINX components, and what LSINC does with the printer design, it really does offer the customer full service from beginning to end. They even help with the preparation so people understand how digital artwork differs from conventional in the printing process. Digital continues to grow for this type of work because it offers more advantages than traditional screen or pad printing. JetINX and our digital systems integration capabilities give brand owners what they need for a more targeted and cost-efficient approach. Smart integrators like LSINC realize this,” Lambert added.

Alicia Ryan.

“One of the ways we ensure that what we’re going to build will be successful is that we surround ourselves with really smart people who can help add to our company. In this case, we’ve partnered with INX International,” said Alicia Ryan, Chief Executive Officer at LSINC.

“Together, we’ve been able to create this portfolio of machines. INX International brings the ink expertise, as well as the fact that they have developed a phenomenal digital ink print engine. Our machines work because their ink gets put on the bottle. It’s a great partnership.”

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