Markzware launches app to preview and open QuarkXPress in multiple file formats

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Markzware (Santa Ana, California), a leading software developer for the printing, publishing and graphic design industries, has launched QXPMarkz. This stand-alone application allows designers to take better control of their creations by giving them the ability to preview QuarkXPress files, and the power to move those documents to IDML, image types, and your preferred Desktop Publishing (DTP) editing applications. QXPMarkz doesn’t require QuarkXPress to operate. Instead, Markzware helps to “democratize” QuarkXPress content for use in many popular desktop publishing applications. Users can open QuarkXPress in Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, and many other popular formats.

QXPMarkz users can open, preview, export and convert QuarkXPress layouts with one mouse click. You can also automate the conversion of QuarkXPress (.qxp) files, and even select a compatible destination application. With Automation Preferences, AppleScript support and Custom URL Scheme, QXPMarkz integrates easily into most graphic design, print and publishing workflows. With QXPMarkz, you can also export QuarkXPress files as IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF. Users can export a QuarkXPress file to a high-quality PDF without QuarkXPress, and add annotations, mark-ups and comments, in Acrobat. In addition, QXPMarkz can export QuarkXPress text stories, with formatting, as RTF, HTML, or plain text (TXT). This feature enables users to re-purpose styled text content without other layout items. For the file previews, QXPMarkz uses its own engine and technology to generate high-resolution, zoomable previews. Users with multiple layouts can choose which layout to preview. A helpful document inspector view provides a detailed document summary – with file type, version, size, creation date, modification date, page count, spread count, page size, font, colour, and image data.

“Markzware’s technology allows our customers total control over their content,” said Public Relations Director Mary Gay Marchese. “As an example, our latest release, QXPMarkz, provides users with the ability to move their QuarkXPress documents into Adobe InDesign. Conversely, IDMarkz allows for InDesign documents to be converted to QuarkXPress. All of Markzware’s ‘Markz’ line of products includes the ability to export files to standardized formats, such as IDML and PDF. This functionality ‘democratizes’ user content, providing an ‘ease’ of interchange between Desktop Publishing Applications (DTP). Markzware adds value to the user experience, by providing more options to save time, money and energy,” she added. QXPMarkz is available in four forms: as a full-featured perpetual license; as an annual subscription; as a perpetual upgrade; and as a limited-time free version (which is for QuarkXPress previews only).

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