New 8-up+ RMGT 970 Offset Press debuts at open house

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Katsushi Hirokawa.

Offset press manufacturer RMGT officially launched the latest member to its 9 Series – the RMGT 970 Offset Press – at an open house in Fukuyama, Japan. The event held late in August introduced three new press models – the RMGT 970 Perfecting Press (up to 10 colours), the RMGT 970 Straight Press (up to 8 colours), and the RMGT 1050 Perfecting Press (up to 10 colours). This was the first opportunity to safely roll out all three presses at a live event during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company pointed out. The OEM added that open house events featuring the RMGT 970 running live will be presented at demonstration facilities in North America in the early part of 2021. “We developed the new RMGT 970, incorporating our strengths and technologies for release at drupa 2020,” said Katsushi Hirokawa, President of RMGT. “The RMGT 970 can accommodate a 25-inch by 38-inch sheet, and is excellent in cost performance, automation and environmental friendliness.” The 970 is the newest member to the RMGT 9 Series of presses that has over 80 installations in North America since 2014.

Kian Hemmen.

New 8-up+ sheet size: 25” x 38.” RMGT was the first press manufacturer to recognize that the industry needed a bridge between smaller, slower and often expensive-to-run digital devices, and so-called full-size presses that seldom ran a full 40-inch sheet. RMGT effectively invented the 8-up market and the 9 Series Press to help customers profitably produce commercial applications such as direct mail, 16-page signatures, and short-run packaging (the three largest segments of the printing market). The new 8-up+ RMGT 970 can now produce jobs like 9” x 12” booklets and many other applications on the same size sheet that a 40” press would run. “The original 9 Series created a highly profitable niche in the market with our 25” x 36” sheet size,” said Kian Hemmen, Director of Sales for Print & Finishing Solutions, and RMGT distributor for the western U.S. “The new 970’s 25” x 38” size now means that sourcing cover-weight stocks and running covers will be that much easier. Our customers asked for the 8-up+ size, and the RMGT factory said yes.”

The the RMGT 970 Offset Press officially debuted at an open house in Fukuyama, Japan.

ASAP (Automated Smart Assist Printing) System. The ASAP (Automated Smart Assist Printing) system allows press operators to have an entirely new level of automation and autonomous press operation in the 8-up press format. During the live demonstrations, a series of short-run jobs were put in sequence using ASAP. With ASAP, the press operator simply touches one button and the entire printing process – from ink and paper presetting, blanket and impression cleaning and plate changing, through to verification of test printing, register adjustment, ink density adjustment and full sheet inspection – are all autonomously processed without pulling a sheet. As ASAP releases the job into production, the 970 perfecting press runs at 15,000 4/4 or 5/5 sheets per hour. Any variance from the specified QC standard is flagged by ASAP to insure that only compliant sheets are sold to the end user.

A single press operator. The ability to staff a highly automated RMGT 8-up+ press with a single operator was important for profitability and flexibility prior to March of 2020. However, as the printing industry recovers from the economic results of COVID-19, reducing per-shift staffing costs will bring greater viability to pressrooms who take the 9 Series approach to manufacturing, said the OEM. Even before the release of ASAP, over 80% of RMGT 9 Series presses running in North America were manned with a single press operator. Depending on the local labour market and how many shifts an RMGT 9 Series printing company runs per week, the savings from the single press operator approach, can range from $45,000 to $180,000 annually.

The RMGT 970 Offset Press.

LED-UV curing. RMGT was the first sheetfed offset press manufacturer to commercially develop LED-UV curing technology, releasing this technology at drupa in 2008. LED-UV lamps dry printed sheets instantly, offering impressive energy savings over other curing technologies. An added benefit in the print and finishing workflow is that LED-UV curing eliminates the need for powder. This powderless press environment allows offset printed sheets to move to either to a digital overprint scenario, or directly to finishing without impacting the performance of these devices.

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