Pantone adds 315 new colours

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The comprehensive assortment of 315 new colours is especially relevant for fashion and many fashion-related markets today.

Pantone’s expansive collection of 315 new colours took into consideration the latest direction and movement of colour trends, and was curated to provide designers with the most sought-after hues for today and tomorrow, the company pointed out. “Colour palettes today are developed and driven by many elements – including technology, entertainment, the economy, lifestyles, play styles, and cultural and social influences,” said Pantone. “Just as the seasonal aspect of colour has forever changed and has evolved into one with a season-less approach, colour is no longer seen through the lens of gender. Illustrating the future and beyond, our 315 new colours are a selection of shades that are timeless additions to the Pantone Fashion + Home colour palette.”

The consideration of how multiple industries view the colours was also key, and balance was a primary factor when selecting the colours to be added. With so much crossover today, in palettes and in products, it was essential that this comprehensive assortment of 315 new colours would be relevant for fashion and fashion-related markets, home furnishings, interior and industrial design. “Reflecting areas of significant market importance, our new, curated colour collection includes neutrals, mid-tones, subdued and even ‘smoky’ variations of our most popular colours. At the same time, all colour families were expanded for additional nuances and vibrancies – from the oranges, yellows, reds and pinks – to the blues, purples, greens, blue-greens, whites and blacks. We added many mineral tones, and nature influenced hues that could be called out as organic, earthy or burnt. Plus, our range of neutrals such as gray, beige, khaki and taupe have been dramatically increased. All our new colours have been added into the system, which positions them in the appropriate place within their respective colour family. They’ll also be offered as new colour supplements for each of the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors products. The colour families include reds, pinks, purples, orange, yellow, browns, neutrals & taupes, greens, blues & aqua/turquoise, whites, grays and blacks,” the company added.

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