PaperSpecs free webinar to explore “Sleeking – The Best Kept (Foiling) Secret in Design”

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In a free, exclusive PaperSpecs (Palo Alto, California) webinar, sponsored by Nobelus, Erika Bartos (Hooray Design) and Mark Sarpa (Neuron Publishing/LoveBook) will show designers how, through a smart combination of ‘Sleeking’ paper and digital colour printing, they can produce some amazing, eye-catching creations. The cutting-edge digital process adds beautiful shimmering foil to digital print runs.

Sabine Lenz.

“Digital foiling may be one of the best kept secrets in print today,” said PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz. “By blending Sleeking with digital printing, we have the power to make our clients’ brands stand-out affordably, especially in shorter print runs.” Participants will discover tips and tricks that they can use to significantly boost the “wow” factor of any piece through the strategic use of Sleeking, especially on smaller print runs with limited budgets. The webinar will take place Thursday, June 18, 2020, starting at 2 pm (EST). Space is limited, so please register in advance. You’ll discover:

  • How the Sleeking process works
  • Tips on designing with foil and Sleeking in mind
  • How different papers can dramatically change your Sleeking results
  • How to personalize your designs using variable-data foiling

PaperSpecs webinars are developed to include inspiring real-world examples, highly useful and easily implemented tips, and cutting-edge perspectives from industry thought leaders. Thanks to the generous support of Nobelus, Sleeking: The Best Kept (Foiling) Secret in Design is free for attendees. Space is limited though, so be sure to reserve your seat today for this special event by visiting

Erika Bartos.

About Erika Bartos. With 20 years of experience in design and print, Bartos brings a depth of knowledge of how design translates to a final, printed piece. Her perspective remains “designing is a privilege and the details matter – start to finish.” When not on the job, she relishes time with her family, enjoys real conversation, gets lost in gardening, and organizing pretty much anything, and taking in the scenery, culture and history of the world around her.

Mark Sarpa.

About Mark Sarpa. Mark is the founder and owner of Progressive Solutions in San Jose, California which was acquired by a long-term customer, in January of 2020. His new title is General Manager of Neuron Publishing and Director of Global Fulfillment for LoveBook. Mark has 33 years of printing experience, including 16 years in on-demand, automated printing and manufacturing.

About Nobelus. Nobelus began enhancing print as a trade finisher in 1989. From humble roots, the company has evolved into an innovator for print-finishing technology in the early 2000s, helping the world’s largest on-demand publisher perfect “Book of One” production. Later in that decade, Nobelus introduced Komfi Laminating systems in North America, innovating laminate production to entirely new levels. In 2013, HP tapped Nobelus for its revolutionary SHR Process to make photos using Nobelus and HP Indigo technology. More innovation came quickly when digital variable-data foil stamping, known as Sleeking, was introduced. Today, Nobelus operates three sales centres, two production facilities, and four regional warehouses across North America, serving thousands of clients in the print, publishing, folding carton, flexible packaging and label markets. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Nobelus is a global leader in thermal laminate technology, driving innovation in ScuffProof, Holographic, Metalized, Tactile, Textured, and Printable films. With a core value of sharing, Nobelus provides industry insights through Nobelus University, as well as giving back a generous portion of its profits to the community.

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