Solimar Systems launches ReadyPDF Prepress Server

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Solimar Systems (San Diego, California), a leading provider of workflow solutions for print production and digital communications, has released Solimar ReadyPDF Prepress Server. “This intuitive, pioneering solution enables users to overcome numerous production inefficiencies associated with PDF files – and benefit from increased automation, enhanced quality control and a more streamlined, profitable production process,” said the company. ReadyPDF Prepress Server is a PDF-centric production print manager that features a host of file-cleansing and optimization capabilities, including font embedding, consolidation and replacement (including subsets). The server leverages Solimar’s nearly 30 years of experience in output management and distribution. It enables increased colour space control and ICC profile application as well as easy removal or optimized inclusion of XObjects, plus improved document structure to overcome downstream processes or device issues.

Jonathan Malone McGrew.

“PDF files are one of the most popular print file formats, but the file is often not well-formed when the printer receives it,” said Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Senior Director of Engagement at Solimar Systems. “Our ReadyPDF solution effectively identifies, optimizes and fixes many of these typical issues, enabling a smoother, faster and more cost-efficient production workflow. We know customers can reduce job on-boarding from 20 minutes to 20 seconds using our solutions and, therefore, save many valuable hours of processing time every day.” Additional system highlights include the ability to ‘downsample’ and cache image resources, control transparencies and flatten layers. Additionally, a new obfuscation feature allows users to jumble all text content in the PDF. This capability allows businesses to conceal confidential data and ensure adherence to GDPR (the California Data Protection Act) and other data protection guidelines when sending files to third parties for review or testing.

Mary Ann Rowan.

“The launch of ReadyPDF Prepress Server could not have come at a better time for the industry,” said Mary Ann Rowan, Chief Experience Officer at Solimar Systems. “During the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are facing significant limitations on staffing their print facilities and automation is, therefore, key to production continuity. Our ReadyPDF solution has a templated approach to PDF optimization and correction, enabling printers to automate on-boarding of production work.” Solimar added that, as many blue-chip brands and multinational corporations are increasing their digital communications to improve responsiveness and decrease environmental impact, the ReadyPDF solution provides timely help with optimizing file sizes by reducing font and other resource volume, and downsampling images to lower resolutions typical in electronic presentation.

Free trials. “ReadyPDF server can be used to optimize print files for e-delivery, enabling printers to provide their customers with a flexible service,” Rowan added. “Reducing file sizes also minimizes storage costs, and ReadyPDF server can simultaneously create an archive and a print version of a PDF. This makes the process of storing and locating archived files more efficient. The benefits that ReadyPDF server provides are numerous, and at a time when businesses need to streamline their operations to increase profitability and competitiveness, it’s an ideal tool. As such, we are offering free trials of PDF optimization and other solutions in our portfolio, to enable more printers to evaluate their workflow and make the necessary improvements to ‘future-proof’ their businesses.”



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