Standard Horizon unveils HT-300 Three-Side Trimmer

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Standard Horizon’s new HT-300 Three-Side Trimmer offers higher productivity, greater automation and unique features to the short-run, print-on-demand book market. The HT-300 utilizes a fully automated set-up with easy-to-use colour touchscreen control. The system offers higher productivity, unique corner-cut capabilities, optional flap cover trimming, and its automated set-up can be barcode-driven. The HT-300 is over 35% faster than previous models and can process up to 300 books per hour depending on configuration. The new three-side trimmer can be easily run inline with the OEM’s BQ-270V and BQ-480 Perfect Binders for ultra-efficient and seamless book production. Other features include:

Standard Horizon’s new HT-300 Three-Side Trimmer.
  • Automatic adjustments. The HT-300 uses a servo motor press plate that allows for the auto calibration of the press height, along with automatic pressure adjustment.
  • Fixed position cutting station. This trimmer features heavy-duty construction and increased book-trimming control.
  • Status indicators. Customizable, colour-coded interior LED lights tell operators the machine status at a glance.
  • Trim removal. The HT-300 features increased trim air supply and control with the ability to customize timing and pressure, as well as efficient push removal for small trim.
  • iCE-LiNK. The HT-300 comes standard with iCE-LiNK, Horizon’s next-generation pXnet, JDF workflow and job-management tool.
  • Flexible configuration. With multiple options for feeders, stackers or conveyors, the HT-300 can be configured depending on a user’s unique needs.
  • Trim width. Maximum of 3.93 inches and minimum of .08 inches.
  • Trim height. Maximum of 2.005 inches and minimum of .04 inches.

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