Teledyne Imaging releases latest new product brochure

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Teledyne Imaging (Waterloo, Ontario), a global leader in machine-vision technology, has rolled out its latest brochure that provides a detailed overview of its newest innovations in machine-vision solutions. These include: line-scan and area-scan cameras; infrared, SWIR and multispectral imaging; scientific cameras; 3D profilers; frame grabbers; smart cameras, integrated vision systems and embedded solutions; industrial X-Ray for NDT; CMOS sensors, and vision software including the company’s latest AI/machine learning modules. “We’re excited to launch this new publication,” said Kirk Petersen, Teledyne Imaging’s Director of Marketing Communications. “It’s truly a showcase of our most advanced industrial imaging technology, supporting dozens of vision applications across multiple segments including robotics, AUV, traffic, food processing and inspection, recycling, factory automation and life sciences to name just a few.” The brochure can be download from the company’s website.

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