Twas The Night Before Christmas – Printer’s Version

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Twas the night before Christmas and all though the shop,

Not a job was remaining, not even on the desktop.

The proofs were hung by the cutter with care,

In hopes they’d be trimmed without a single tear.


The invoices were nestled all snug in their tray,

With visions of customers who were eager to pay.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the press to see what was the matter.


When to my wondering eyes did appear,

My 14 kids and my wife Jennie, my sweet dear.

As I walked to the lawn and was turning around,

My loving sweet Jennie let out this loud sound:


“You work in your print shop twelve hours a day,

You serve your customers in every which way.

I love your hard work and your Santa-like belly,

That shakes when you laugh, like a bowl full of jelly.


But tonight is Christmas Eve and we need you at home,

To play with our children and dress up like a gnome.

So turn off your cellphone and shut down your press,

And get your butt moving – or find another address!”


To the hardest working people I know – printers!

Happy holidays! We’ll be closed from December 24 to January 4, but will still be posting some news items on our website.

Looking forward to a prosperous – and above all a healthy – New Year and beyond..

Thank you so much for your support during these harrowing times.

Tony Curcio, Editor


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