Ultimate releases Part 2 of Future-Proofing Whitepaper

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David Zwang.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics (Montreal), a leader in imposition and finishing automation software solutions, has released the second part of its popular whitepaper Future-Proof your Print Business. Written by industry analyst and author David Zwang, the first part of the whitepaper explored market opportunities and basic workflow concepts that can help future-proof printing businesses to address the market and technologically pressures on print, publishing and packaging service providers. In the second part of the whitepaper, Zwang presents real printers’ stories who successfully implemented a future-proofed print production, showing the sequence of events who led them to make the switch, and how every printer can get “future-proofed.”

The pandemic of 2020 has created some hardships but taught us some very valuable lessons,” Zwang pointed out. “Social distancing has limited the amount of people in the same business at one time, meaning we have to do more with less. In addition to that, remote working has become part of the ‘new normal.’ ’’ Creating a holistic and collaborative workflow internally and externally, and how you do business with your customers, is no longer a ‘nice-to-have.’ It’s a critical business decision.’’

Reading this study-based report will give printers the tools to protect their business from health, economic, social and other unexpected difficulties that are happening today and in the future.

Julie Watson.

“Digitalization has already transformed the print industry, and will continue to do so in the next years,’’ said Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. “Future-proofing means looking for best-in-class solutions that offer scalability and flexibility. David Zwang’s whitepaper offers some great insights on what print service providers should consider when looking at future-proofing their print workflow.”

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